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Teenage Labotomy

DDT did a job on me

8/5/10 08:32 pm - Writer's Block: Celebrity Overload

Which celebrity are you sick of seeing? Who would you like to see more of?


8/1/10 11:23 pm - Shin Chan

Shin Chan is seriously the funniest show ever.

1/6/10 04:43 pm - My entry for book fail

Location: Illinois,United States

What got you into books?: Reading became an outlet for me,it's something i loose myself in,you can go anywhere in a book.
What's your favorite book?:Interview With The Vampire
What's your least favorite book?: The Scarlet Letter
Favorite author?: Anne Rice
Most disliked author?: Stephanie Meyer (cliche)
Favorite book genre/subject?: I lean towards vampires,but i'll read almost anything.
Least favorite book genre/subject?:teenage vampire books,things with no substance
Why do you like Bookfails?: Because i finally found a group of people who want to get back that time you spent reading a fail book.
If you could change one thing about this community what would it be?: I have not been part of it long enough to know.
One book you have been dying to read?: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Les Miserables, Diary of an Oxygen Thief
One book you have been dying to forget?: The Scarlet Letter
Other hobbies besides reading?:Art,writing,playing music (french horn)

1/5/10 06:24 pm - Homework?

I guess i can put it off no longer,it is time for me to face the music and start the tedious, yet necessary  task of putting pen to paper.

1/4/10 10:39 pm

 just got this thing up and running!!! now it bed time
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